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How to play the IISc centenary videos in VLC?
Just copy the link location of the video and paste it into the VLC Address bar.
Click Here to see snapshots.

Players for viewing the Campus Streams
To view live video streams OR video-on-demand, we would need to use the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) instead of HTTP. The URL for the stream source is constructed using the keyword rtsp instead of http. VLC and Quicktime are players that work on MS Windows and support RTSP.

VLC is available on Linux as well. If you have done a full package install of your Linux distribution, chances are that you already have it installed. Look under Sound and Video section of your menu. An alternative is to use the TOTEM movie player that my be installed, by default, on a desktop install. However, we recommend you use VLC.

Installing VLC on Linux

If you intend to install VLC on your linux machine, you should take care to ensure that all the dependencies that VLC requires are first installed. You should use the package updation tools (yum, apt-get, etc.) to install this package. A good starting point is this page.

Installing VLC or Quicktime player on MS Windows
  1. Download VLC or Quick Time Player (available from a local server)
  2. Run through the installation process using the default installation options
  3. Take a cue from the help for playing the stream using VLC and Quick Time
Here is the streaming URL: rtsp://streams.iisc.in/ted2008. Paste this into the player to start the streaming. Yes, you are right there is no ernet in the URL! Additional help available at nethelp@serc.iisc.ernet.in